Introducing C2 ECO CARE maintenance service

In Hong Kong , we are a high effciency city , and we understand tons of SMBs and Enterprises facing technical demands on supporting days by days.

While some of the corporates are not in terms of budget matters , its in terms of time , human resources , technical needs , upgrades availabilities. Sometimes these resources are limited and we are glad to provide assist on this kind of scenarios.

We are here to provide you a advanced level of services into some kind of existing equipment which only cost like 1/3 the OEM servicer price. And in addition you might be able to stable and extend your existing infrastructure usage lifespan.

C2 ECO CARE Lite - which is the default bundle of all used \ refurbished equipments package. The default

protection period is 6 months from purchase date and it is totally FREE OF CHARGE!.

All customers including consumer and to corporate clients , would eligible to enjoy FREE device protection with CARRY IN warranty up to 6 calendar months.

C2 ECO CARE advance - providing advanced level of protection to corporates equipments. Safeguard their infrastructure  and devices run time. However , consultancy and support are NOT inclusive on this package.

Targeting to corporate customers which they would needs a stable infrastructure for their day to day operations. With our team helps and backup support to make business growth to success.

We could provide 1 to 3 years Hardware Protection to end customers and on-site maintenance service in ALL types and kind of IT related devices.

C2 ECO CARE elite - Targeting to corporates which needs a mission critical

infrastructure for the daily mainstream operation. Covered in package consultancy and backed support service , which not limited to on-site services as well.

We could provide 1 to 3 years Hardware and Software support to your corporate with specific SLA agreement can be made. Tele and Remote Support is available are as inclusive in package.